It took a lot of work to get there!

Just about to climb onto The Great Wall!


So in October 2015, we took Tom to HongKong, with a plan to try his sea legs out!  Steve and I have always loved cruising, and we were really hoping that Tom would too.  His total blindness was always going to affect the experience, but we were concerned that this would lead to him feeling seasick from the motion that we find so relaxing.

Didn't happen.

He loved every moment, charmed every female he met, and just generally had a real blast.  We visited Xiamen, and Japan where we did tours, and then had a day in HongKong on the way back.

A World of Discoveries

Since his adoption and the granting of travel documents (still Chinese at this point) Tom has discovered the delights of international travel.  Everywhere anyone mentions, he wants to go!  He has the longest bucket list I can imagine, but then he has lots of time to get there!

Wherever we go, Tom picks up a few words of the language and enjoys being polite to people he comes across in their own language.  A nice trait, and we are of course encouraging of this.  Earlier this year we were at some friends' wedding in Bali (what a wonderful excuse) and Tom had a blast, as always.  He loved the warmth of the people, the place, and trying lots of different foods, especially at breakfast!