22. Jun, 2017

The Hotel Stay

So here we are in the Holiday Inn, in what used to be called Xujing, or QingPu, but has now been gentrified (I believe that's the term - new buildings, new people, higher rents) and is now in Hongqiao West.  Regular HongQiao being around 30-40 minutes drive away, depending on Shanghai's lovely traffic.  One of the few things I won't miss at all.  

Tom is having his last day at school today, and we had a small celebration there at lunchtime with all his classmates. There was food which they'd all brought to share, and then they sang a song for him, Tom responded with a speech thanking them for their friendship and encouraging them to keep studying hard as he would.  He was a little champion! But then I am slightly biased.....

There was more singing, from Tom and all the other students, and then many of them lined up to give him gifts which was lovely.  He has a letter from his first crush, and I will struggle to read it to him without doing the 'ugly cry' later.

As a volunteer teacher there for the past year I received a beautiful silk scarf which was completely unexpected and much appreciated.  So, Tom is out of school for the summer, I know he'll enjoy his last days here catching up with friends and making sure I don't get more than arm's length away from him.  Anxiety is very present at the moment, the fear of further abandonment is not far from the surface, so I"m doing everything I can to reassure and make sure he knows where I am.  

Right school run and time off out for a cheeky cocktail I think........