6. Jun, 2017

A New Beginning

Well, today is the day we will find out if we have a new house for our new life in Europe!  Yes, as the rest of the UK gets itself all fired up about leaving the EU, the Garratts are due to arrive!  We've always been out of step with most people, so Steve and I are not phased at all by this development, we're used to being the outliers, the ones who don't fit the pattern.  I just wonder if Europe is quite ready for The Garratts - especially the corner of rural France which we will soon be calling home.

Adjustments will have to be made, and that is true for all of us, but Tom has more to adjust to than most.  He needs to make a new mind map of his environment, get used to the new space, and then it will be time for him to get used to a new schooling arrangement (yay!) and environment.  There is also the small consideration of all this happening in a new language. 

In just three weeks he will leave behind everything he's ever known.  There has been a great deal of assurance, and he has been involved in the planning as much as possible so he knows he is part of the travelling circus that will be headed out on Air France at the end of this month.  What does he make of it all?  I'm honestly not sure. He still sometimes asks if he will be our son forever, and some part of him still believes he will remain in Shanghai when we take off for our next adventure.  Apart from get him on the plane, and provide constant reassurance until then, I have no idea what else I can do.

Many children who are adopted from China are a) younger than Tom and b) leave immediately after their adoption.  Tom has been with us for more than two years now, and everything he really knows (holidays excepted) is still here.  I sense a hard transition ahead, but with love and reassurance, and cheese, I am sure we will all settle in eventually!

I haven't spoken French since the day I failed my 'O' level!  Well until last week when a very brave lady by the name of Clementine became mine and Tom's French teacher for some classes here in Shanghai before we leave.  

So we are on countdown to the big day when we finally get to Chexit!

Things are being thrown away at an alarming rate - some of it I'm not even sure is ours, so if you left your stuff here at some point in the distant past - unlucky!

I'm passing out all the stuff we can't ship and trying to decide what I do actually want to take.  There is a lot.  There really is a lot of stuff. Extraneous crap.  But the loft (which was completely full) is now empty except for several boxes and some wood (!?!?)

The lady doggies will travel with us and their travel crates are taking up space and being completely ignored in the lounge.  Crate training not going well.  Photo - Pink and Dottie enjoying crate time. Oh bugger they've escaped again.