15. Dec, 2016

Christmas Is Coming

So another Christmas approaches here in Shanghai. Most of the allegedly 25 million residents don't care much, for some its just another shopping opportunity, and for others its a time for vacation with family and friends. For us, well, its same old same old here.  Another innocent turkey will get itself roasted if the oven here holds out, and we will all stay warm if the power stays on.  Luxury expat living!  We couldn't go anywhere if we wanted to, as Tom is currently lacking a passport of any kind, another bureaucratic nightmare! But I will share about that when it's all over and he has a passport in his anxious little hands!

For me it feels quite odd.  Just back from a trip to Thailand and Europe, I am really not in the zone, and have hardly bought anything yet!  I'm aware that there is a move in the coming months for us, so all gifts need to be consumable or packable!  Tom is happy with new clothes, but I always remember my Dad saying that clothes weren't presents because you'd get those anyway.  He's so hard to by for though, its just finding that thing that will fire his imagination, and I hate wandering around shops!

I look at our half decorated Christmas tree, and promise myself this is its last outing. I bought it in Thailand about 17 years ago and it's made it through several moves and is now held together with duck tape, which you have to strategically place the tinsel to hide!

Moving forward, moving on.