4. Sep, 2016

What are Jiaozi?

If you look in the dictionary, you will see that jiaozi are a traditional Chinese dumpling, a thin wrapper of dough containing minced pork and or vegetables.  That doesn't really begin to describe them though.  Jiaozi are part of a lady's reputation, if she makes good jiaozi, she's a keeper!  Urbanites aren't part of this cultural tide, as many young women in large cities just don't cook.

With others though, jiaozi are part of life, part of family.  They are what people eat especially at Chinese New Year and at other times of celebration throughout the year.  Birthdays are a good time for the delicious little bites, and we have started a family tradition that we will celebrate Tom's annual Gotcha Day anniversary with a dinner of jiaozi (assuming we can get them)!

Jiaozi are a big favourite of Tom's and he can eat a HUGE plateful on a regular basis.  He just loves them!

Is there life without Jiaozi?  Watch this space!