After all the fanfare of Tom's adoption and the upheaval for everyone, we started to travel. In October 2015 we took Tom on a cruise. Might sound crazy, but we have  always enjoyed cruising and wanted Tom to enjoy it too. He did!

All our misgivings abut his getting motion sick because of his lack of sight were unfounded, and he had a blast! In January 2016 we did it again, out of Shanghai this time, and again a big success.

2016 also saw us attend two weddings in Bali and England, both very different but unforgettable events.

He loves the trips, the facilities on board, oh yes and the food!  In January 2016 the biggest hit of the trip were the bumper cars!

Tom travelled to the UK for the first time in July 2015.&nbsp; He had never been out of Shanghai before that, but after a few nervous moments took it all in his stride.&nbsp; There has been no looking back and he is looking forward to all the future trips he can get!</p> <p>He met lots of new people, had lots of new experiences, and made his usual lasting impression on most of them, here are some of the highlights of the trip.</p> <p>Tom took to being outside China with no problems, he didn't speak his native language for 2 weeks, nor did he eat rice.&nbsp; He surprised me when we arrived at Manchester Airport for our return journey by suddenly flipping languages and asking for rice for every snack!&nbsp; Took me a few minutes to catch up on the language side of things though!!</p>