15. Dec, 2016

First Christmas

So we've made it through our first family Christmas, and New Year.  One large innocent turkey got eaten, but apart from that there seem to have been no casualties!  This afternoon has seen the Christmas decorations getting packed away for another year and the place as always looks drab in their absence.  That happens wherever you are.  It's always strange to me how welcome the decorations look immediately you put them up, but what a hole they seem to leave when you take them down.

Tom got the scooter he wanted for his birthday at the end of October, and he is now getting some confidence and learning to ride it.  Scary for the dogs and for those he comes across too.  We have such varying reactions to Tom being out and about.  There are those who don't think he should be out at all, and the majority who just ignore him completely.  Those who don't want to see him out there, well they'll just have to move over won't they!