3. Jan, 2016

This weeks best quote

"Quote of the summer came from Bradley. We were chatting the day after a mutual friend's wedding, and Bradley (who has a long time friend with a blind son) said of Tom "well he's only bloody blind for God's sake!" FINALLY Someone who sees Tom the way we do. He's a person who just interacts with the world differently to the majority of us! He doesn't need to be wrapped in cotton wool, denied outings and trips, kept away from the mainstream and all the rest of the stuff we have to put up with on the less brilliant days here in China.

Meanwhile earlier this year:

Context. We were visiting Shining Star, the foster home where Tom lived for 2 1/2 years, and we had visitors.

Visitor 1. Hi what's your name?
Tom My name is Tom.
Visitor 1. Do you live here?
Tom No, I live with my Mum and Dad near here.
Visitor 1. Oh, who's your Mum?
Tom Julie Auntie is my Mum
Visitor 1. Head scratch Who's that?
Tom You're talking to her, she's there.
Visitor 1. Oh, OK, where does your Mum come from?
Tom She's English.
Visitor 1. Oh, is your Dad Chinese?
Tom No he's English.
Visitor 1. Does he look Chinese?
Julie Really? Dude? "^*&"^*&%!!
Tom Head scratch - I don't know what he looks like I'm blind.

You have to wonder sometimes......."