20. Sep, 2015

Adventures in Learning

Tom and I are venturing into homeschooling, as an (almost) 11 year old, he has had no formal education and therefore has very limited knowledge of the basics.  We are trying to remedy this with afternoon sessions in maths, braille, english and keyboard.  We have a lovely group of volunteers also who will help him with classes too, so he can have input from other people than me!

Tom picks up languages and accents easily, but doesn't problem solve well.  Maths is a huge challenge, even the most simple stuff, and I wonder if this is simply because years of institutionalisation are blocking the relevance of simple arithmetic from his every day life.

In venturing into homeschooling we are trying to get Tom to a level where he will be able to join learners of more like his age within the next couple of years.  He has no peers right now and this is another difficulty, he has been brought up in an atmosphere of slavish obedience where such care as he received was delivered without explanation.

When Tom moved into foster care, or a kind of halfway house as it was for him, he was the oldest by 5 years and everything was geared around the younger children's development, Tom learned a lot there but he also stood still, and didn't mature in an emotional way. 

Tom knows very little of the world generally and whilst his innocence is charming and delightful in many ways, he is going to have to learn some of life's harsher realities I'm afraid.